Founding to 1966

With the opening of the College of Education and Liberal Arts in 1947, the College Library began operation in a room of modest size in the first floor of the college building. The college library had not changed even when the College of Commerce opened in 1951 and the College of Engineering in 1956. The library, however, became bigger in 1959 when the College department was transferred to the back of the cathedral. The librarian in-charge then as a certain Sister Ma. Geraldine, OSF. The college library was housed in its eastern wing at the second floor. In 1960, the College employed it first professional trained librarian, Miss Dolores Cabel, a Philippine Women’s University graduate, major in Library Science. Three years later, Miss Alicia L. Genato, also a graduate from the Philippine Women’s University, major in Library Science, joined the Library staff. Library operations and procedures were improved: specific sections started to be defined.

When the College opened up its Graduate School in 1962 with Master of Arts in Education Major in Guidance and Counseling, a Graduate School Section was created in the College Library. In 1965, Mrs. Alicia G. Natino, the former Miss Alicia Genato, assumed the position of the Chief Librarian when Miss Cabel left for further studies. In the same year, Miss Natividad Arcega was taken as Assistant Librarian. With the acquisition of the updated library tools and other library supplies, records and forms, the library processes such as cataloging, classification, shelflisting, accessioning, mechanical processes, circulation and reference services were improved. The increasing volume of the library work resulting from the growing collection and college population necessitated the employment of a bigger library staff. Student librarians started to be employed.

1967 – 1980

When Fr. John Van Bauwel, CICM was appointed as College President in 1967, his first moves was the up-dating of library books and periodicals in line with the College’s curricular programs. The President assumed the role of Director of Libraries but maintained the position of Chief Librarian.
When the College Department was transferred to the new campus site in the S.Y. 1969-1970, the college library occupied the first floor of the western wing of the Godfrey Lambrecht Hall. The College Library with the three other departmental libraries (High School Library, Elementary Central Library, and Grade School Training Department Library) became centralized as the technical and mechanical works for the departmental libraries were done by the College Library Staff. Appropriate changed and different innovations took roots such as: color coding of book and library cards, new library forms; flow of borrowers in the circulation or charging of books, freshman library orientation. Moreover, a set of library policies was framed; student librarians were selected on the basis of the appropriate screening tests. Additional staff were hired: S.Y. 1969-1970, Mr. Dominador VAlanciano; Miss Frediswinda Callang (1969) as High School Librarian; Miss Genoveva Sinfuego as Library Secretary, and then Serials Librarian until 1976, and Miss Felicidad Garingan (1970) as High School Librarian (replacing Miss Callang) until 1971.

It was in the school year of 1970-1971 that Saint Mary’s College graduated it crop of Library Science Minor graduates Mr. Bonifacio V. Ramos and Mr. Enrique T. Cayaban (1971-1974) joined the staff in April 1971.

In the S.Y. 1976-1977, the library expanded to include areas for the work room; the Periodicals Section, the Graduate School/Reference and Theology Sections in the A Building. In the next school year, the Gymnasium Auditorium became operational in 1980 where a room for the Graduate School Library was placed. In the same year, Mrs. Lydia R. Degamo (formerly Ms. del Rosario) joined the staff as a cataloger, high school librarian and serials librarian.

1981 – 1994

In 1982, the newly constructed College Library-Chapel, an L-shaped three-story building, became the permanent place of the College Library where changes such as addition of sections, change of nomenclature and innovations reflect the dynamism of the library. And in 1987, the College Library was part of the accredited areas by the PAASCU.
Library staff assignments and movements also took place. Dr. Bonifacio V. Ramos was designated Director of Libraries in 1985. Mr. Enrique T. Cayaban rejoined the staff in 1986 and in 1988 by Mrs. Bernadette B. Salvador until 1994; Mr. Elmar Balallo in 1992 up to 1994. Books of the Nursing course started to be acquired in 1992 but it was only in 1994 that the College of Nursing was put up.

1995 – 2000

The Law Section was added in October, 1995; the Accountancy Section in 1996. In the same year, Mr. Enrique T. Cayaban took over as Director of Libraries vice Dr. Bonifacio V. Ramos, who was assigned as Dean of the Graduate School. As an auspicious start of the University library to keep pace with the trend of changes the blessing and naming of the Library-Chapel building into Rev. Fr. John Van Bauwel Hall was done in February of 1997; with this was the expansion of the library up to the Northern wing of the third floor. This part of the University Library shared space with the Audio Visual Department (AV) of the School. Library service in the third floor started on February 1997. The number of student librarians likewise increased.
A general library staff manual of operations and procedures was put out in May 1998. Library Bits and Bytes, a library news-bulletin of information and accession list, was started in January, 1999. Likewise, the first edition of the Faculty Library handbook came out in August 1999 – from a borrowing privilege of three books for one week, faculty members could borrow as many as 12 books for a period of one month.

The first Book Trade/Book Fair was held in November 23-27, 1999 at the Hantson Building, first floor. The second was held on December 7-9, 2000 to coincide with the celebration of the foundation day of the University.

In December 1998, Mr. E.T. Cayaban hurdled the Librarians Licensure Examination and landed on the 10th placed. In the succeeding school year 1999-2000, 7 out of ten members of the library staff became PRC Licensed Librarians.

The SMU Library was officially designated by World Bank (WB) and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in December 1999 as their DEPOSITORY LIBRARY – making the SMU LIBRARY the first and the only depository library of WB & ADB publications in Norther Luzon. Likewise, in June 1999, the Internet Library, a joint project of the SMUNet and the Library was started. This section, together with the CD Resources Section ushered in information technology int he University library.

The Professional Education corner at the second floor of the library was established in 1999. In the same year, the Philippine Statistics corner was likewise put up by virtue of MOA signed by the Director of Libraries and the Provincial Statistics Officer of Nueva Vizcaya.

The Law Library became a separate library on January 22, 2000. It is housed at the College of Law building. It was also in 2000 that the High School and Elementary libraries as areas in the PAASCU Accreditation, contributed tot eh recognition of both departments as Level 2 PAASCU Re-accredited schools. For the Elementary department, the contribution of the library was considered as exceptional because of the smooth merging of Training and the Elementary Central Libraries.

Through the leadership of SMU Library staff the Nueva Vizcaya Librarians Association was founded in November 2000. All the librarians of SMU were not only pioneer members but occupied important positions.

In October 2000, open shelf was observed in all sections except in the reserved sections of the library. The collection of the Graduate School library was integrated into the different sections due to the verticalization of courses at SMU.

2001 – 2005

Highlights in the university library during these years were the following:

  • In 2001, the SMU LIBRARY became the depository library of United Nations.
    Periodical exchange program was started with 25 journal titles as the initial exchanged received by SMU library with Partuat and Journal of Norther Luzon.
  • Library automation started with the purchase of the Athena software, the training of the library staff, purchase of computers and equipment e.g. server, computer units, cables, CD writers, purchase of library integrated software, encoding and related activities and the orientation of the Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) to the administrators and key officials of the university. OPAC officially started in September 2005.
  • The Law Library was expanded to occupy rooms CL 214 and CL 215. Moreover, the Law Library received LEX LIBRIS CD; installation of 1 additional air condition unit in the Law Library on June 15, 2003.
  • The Library took part in institutionalizing the systems and procedures in the university.
  • The structuring of Library bulletin boards became a monthly activity by the library staff informing readers about acquisition, collection, statistics and other data about the library.
  • The construction of a modern library building called the JUBILEE LIBRARY BUILDING which embodies SMU’s “75 years of educating the youth”. The blessing and inauguration of the New Jubilee Library Building was one of the highlights of the diamond jubilee year. It was inaugurated and blessed last December 5-8, 2003. The placing of the Educational Media Center under the library for the proper organization of materials and services was welcome addition to the library services.
  • The 5th Campus Book Fair was held.
  • The increase of library attendance, from 9% to 11%, shows that SMU student have become aware of the importance of the library and that readers’ services have started to be taken seriously by the library staff.
  • The merging of primary and intermediate libraries was made ready by June 2003. The creation of children’s literature corner in the elementary library February 2004.
  • The hiring of Library Secretary, Computer Services Librarian, and an additional member of the staff greatly eased the work loads of some staff especially the Director of Libraries.
  • In 2005, barely a semester, the Director of Libraries was relieved from the responsibility of supervising the Educational Media Center.
  • The establishment of the SPAG Section at the mezzanine of the Jubilee Library; the creation of a separate file of reference books in the Business/Commerce Section of the library.
  • The transfer of the Theses/Dissertations Section at the first floor of the Jubilee building.
  • The installation of a Surveillance Camera at the first floor of John Van Bauwel Hall to help in the supervision and care of the OPAC workstations.
  • The participation of the library in the 2005 PAASCU accreditation with a high or superior rating.
    Audio Visual services in the Grade School saw the setting up of Overhead Projector, viewtech screen and other AV needs. Provision of LCD projector with more or less complete paraphernalia at the High School Library.
  • The successful PAASCU visit of the library in the 2005 PAASCU accreditation for the School of Engineering.
  • The Law Library is Internet connected as of December 2005.
  • Grade School library as part of PAASCU accreditation passed the re-acrreditation process with flying colors (June 2005).

2006 – 2009

For the years 2006-2009, the most innovative changes int he libraries are the following:

A. High School Library

  • The high school library is housed in a new building – the Florentina Building. The High School library with its modern equipment, fixtures, facilities and signage was blessed on the 31st day of March 2006.
  • With the new building, the open shelf system was also started.
  • Donations particularly books were numerous for this school year.
  • A new library extension was constructed on August 2007 in which a new section was added called Rita’s Reading Corner.

B. Grade School Library

  • Neo W-Note Laptop, Scanner, new LCD projector, Showcase Cabinet placed at the AV dept., were donated by the SMU Grade School through it PTA president; a DVD player was also donated by the SIBS Publishing Co.
  • The library is air conditioned, with curtains and its interior wall painted through donations coming from the Central Board for Pupil Government (CBPG).

C. The University Libraries

  • The Circulation module of the Library software officially started for students’ use during the summer of SY 2005 – 2006. This is made possible because of the purchase of new computers and printers for circulation purposes.
  • The installation of the LIBRARY SMU WEBSITE in March of 2006. Other important web pages are still to be constructed, however.
  • Inclusion of indexed periodical articles in the OPAC.
  • Relegation section was started, that is in the Engineering, Accountancy, Business/Commerce sections and the depository libraries, all books published with the editions of 1980 and below and those with editions of 1981 and above were shelved separately from of later/newer editions.
  • The Student Librarians/Library Working Scholars Grand Homecoming was held last December 23, 2008.
  • The Director of Libraries has been elected as one of the Board of Trustees (National Officer) of the Philippine Librarians’ Association, Inc.
  • Developed and disseminated approved library policies such as Collection Development Policies, Library Finance Policies and the like.
  • Computerized cataloging has been started by the Academic/Research Librarian.
  • Computerized cataloging started using Excel.
  • Undergraduate Theses is now included as a part of but distinct collection in the Theses and Dissertations Section of the University Library.
  • Color Coding for relegation of books in the Sci/Math, Nursing and other sections was started; Professional Education Corner has been improved and transferred to the Sci/Math Section.
  • The Law Library was expanded to cover the corridor area; a new set of curtain was placed for this area. A complete set of computer was bought for students.
  • The SPAG Section became a part of the Law Library this school year.
  • The Director of Libraries was the “Most Outstanding Academic and Research Librarian Awardee for 2008” by the PAARL.

Other Library Staff who Resigned/Transferred, etc.

  • Mrs. Lydia Degamo
  • Mr. Elmar Balallo
  • Mrs. Bernadette Salvador
  • Mrs. Zenaida Academia
  • Mrs. Gilda P.Basto
  • Mrs. Amelia Padua

Pioneer Library Staff

  • Fr. Godfrey Lambretch
  • Sis. Ma. Geraldine
  • Fr. John Van Bauwel
  • Ms. Dolores Cabel
  • Mrs. Alicia G. Natino
  • Ms. Natividad Arcega
  • Ms. Virginia Andrada