Rules and Regulations

Who may Use the University Learning Resource Center?

The following are entitled to use the ULRC:

  • SMU administrators, faculty, staff, and bonafide students and pupils
  • Those granted special permission by the President, the Vice Presidents and/or the ULRC Director.
  • Others (e.g. Graduate students and researchers of other schools) who are granted permission by the ULRC Director or by any ULRC Staff.


Access Services

Identification Card (ID)

  • Every student needs a duly registered ID and Library Card to be entitled to the use of the ULRC
  • No one should use another ID and/or Library Card nor tamper the same; such IDs and LCs shall be confiscated and will be referred to the Associate Dean of Men/Women for disciplinary action
  • The LC is non-tranferrable. Lost LC will be replaced at cost


Entering and Leaving the ULRC

Before entering the ULRC, a student must:

  • Have his ID pinned properly
  • Leave at the Deposit Counter his/her personal belongings. Bring with him/her enough writing materials
  • Not leave valuables at the Deposit Counter. Lost valuables are not the responsibility of the Library Working Student assigned in that section
  • Tap his/her ID on the smart card reader or write his/her ID number on a small sheet of paper provided at the entrance and drop it at the Sentinel’s desk (When there is no electricity or network is down)
  • Be in proper school uniform (in line with the school’s policy on uniform) on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday during the regular semester

When leaving the ULRC, one must:

  • Return the chair properly and quietly under the table
  • Show to the sentinel the borrowed learning resources for checking