Policies and Guidelines

Miscellaneous Information

  • Courtesy demands observation of the following guidelines within the ULRC premises:
    a. No smoking and eating
    b. Silence
    c. No loitering and littering
    d. Deactivate cellular phones or put them in ”Silent “ Mode
  • Persons using the ULRC must comply with the rules and regulations of its various sections.
  • Eating, smoking, shouting, and other disturbances are forbidden in all parts of the ULRC.
  • The ULRC is a quiet place for study and research, therefore, students are discouraged from using the ULRC as a dating place. “Public Display of Affection” (PDA) is not allowed.

Use of laptops

  • Laptops are allowed to be used inside the ULRC for academic purposes.
  • Laptop users should work alone silently.
  • When students huddle around a laptop user, the use of the laptop in the ULRC shall be stopped.

Use of other electrical devices

  • Using extension cords/devices is not allowed inside the ULRC.
  • Charging cellphones, i-pods, batteries and other electrical devices is forbidden in all parts of the ULRC.

Use of computers and computer devices or paraphernalia.

The following are strictly forbidden:

  • Accessing pornographic websites.
  • Playing games and other similar programs.
  • Connecting brought-in computer devices to any of the computers of the ULRC.
  • Cases of dishonesty, defacement and damaging of ULRC property are covered by the SMU Student Handbook which provides disciplinary action.
  • Persons who take out learning resources without permission shall be dealt with appropriate disciplinary action.
  • Only the University President or the Director of the ULRC have the right to change any of these rules.