Library Fines

Fine Rates
The fines for the late return of books are as  follows:

  • Home-Use (Non-Fiction and Fiction)

P5.00 per book per day including non-school days.

  • Reserved Books

P2.00 per book per hour including non-school days.

Fines are paid at the Reserved Books Section near the General Collection at the first floor of the Main Library. These will be remitted to the accounting office the following day. However, if the fine amounts to more than P50.00, it will be paid directly at the Accounting Office.

Whenever there is a need, borrowed ULRC materials are recalled before they are due.

Loss or Damage
A lost book must be:

  • paid according to the value determined by the ULRC, or,
  • replaced with a clean copy of the same edition. A processing fee and accumulated fines are charged for lost and/or replaced books.
  • The payment for a lost book will be computed as follows: 25 % of the cost  will be added per year from the date of purchase plus processing fee and accumulated fine.


P200.00             > cost of book when purchased
x   25%              > to attain current price
P  50.00
x        5             > years from date of purchase to date
+P200.00          > cost of book
+P  30.00          > processing fee
+P  15.00          > library fine (if there is)
P495.00   total cost to be paid

  • So that the rights of others may be protected, those who damage or mutilate a book will be assessed the full cost in replacing the book. The damaged book, however, still remains the possession of the ULRC.
  • Payments for lost or damaged books are to be made either to the Accounting Office (or added to the student’s account in this office); or to the Reserved Books Section near the General     Collection at the first floor of the Main ULRC.
  • The student’s ULRC privileges are suspended until his/her obligations are settled.


Examination Week
Three (3) days before the final examination of every term, no student is allowed to borrow books for overnight use. Books will be issued for daily circulation inside the ULRC.